Centre Uniform

All athletes are required to wear the Centre uniform for normal Saturday competition.

Uniforms are available for purchase at our Registration days or at the track on a Saturday morning before 9am.

Black running shorts or bike pants (without branding) can be purchased from any retailer to combine with a club singlet ($40) or crop top ($40).

Athletes are required to wear their Registration Number, Age Patch and Coles Patch on the front of their uniform and they are to be clearly visible during competition. The red border around the Registration Number must also be clearly visible. The Age Patch is to be on the left-hand side and the Coles Patch is to be on the upper right-hand side of the uniform.

Covered footwear is to be worn at all times during competition and carnivals.



The following rules apply for Spike shoes –

– U6-U9 age groups are not permitted to wear spike shoes.

– U10-U17 age groups: For track events run in lanes, plus for the following field events: Long Jump, Triple Jump, High Jump & Javelin;

– U12-U17 age groups: As above, plus spikes may also be used in other track events;

Please Note – for the U10 age group, this is a Centre rule only, due to our grass track. Spikes are not allowed for this age group at LANSW Zone, Region and State events.

Spike shoes must be carried in a shoe bag to the start of the competition area.

They are not to be worn at all in the spectator areas.