Parent Information

Parental Obligations

During competition parents and/or guardians must stay at the track with their children. Do not drop your children off and leave.

Your children are your responsibility.

Unsupervised children can, and will, be excluded from competition.  Parents are asked to actively participate in the operation of the Centre by assisting in the running of events at our regular competitions. By being actively involved this will give you a greater understanding of the rules and event techniques which will help your child develop. Without parental assistance competition would not be able to take place.

Child Protection

The Child Protection policy used is based on that provided by Little Athletics N.S.W.


Photography of Children

Taking photographs of children other than your own without the authorisation of the parents is forbidden. Unfortunately this is the world we live in today. Though it may seem extreme it is the law. Please do not be offended if approached by a committee member we are protecting both you and the children.


For further information on a Parents Role in Sport please see Little Athletics NSW link below.