Sutherland Little Athletics Frequently Asked Questions

What is Little Athletics?

Little A’s is a national organisation with around 200 Centres in NSW alone, divided in 24 Zones forming eight Regions (see www.lansw.com.au). Children are encouraged to develop motor skills in a happy social environment. Each Saturday we provide a wide variety of sprint, distance, hurdle, jump and throw events. The variety of events rotates over a two week cycle.

Where is Sutherland Little Athletics held?

Sutherland Little Athletics is held at Waratah Park, Rawson Avenue, Sutherland.

When does Sutherland Little Athletics season start and finish?

 Sutherland Little Athletics season commences on Saturday 10th September 2022 to TBA March 2022.

What day and time is Sutherland Little Athletics?

Sutherland Little Athletics is held on Saturday mornings from 8am and finishes approximately 12pm (depending on the age group as the younger age groups can finish earlier due to their number of events).

Our tiny tots program is run in conjunction with our regular Little Athletics competition on Saturday mornings at Waratah Park. Tiny Tots activities start at 8.30am and usually finish around about 10am.

Tiny Tots program for children 3-4 years of age that encompasses skills based games that are focused on participation and fun. The fundamental skills of running, jumping and throwing are approached through appropriate activities for 3-4 year olds. Emphasis is not on competition but on the development of young children and this is incorporated in play and relatively unstructured games. Games include activities such as running, an obstacle course, long jump and throwing.

Their morning is usually broken up into 2 sessions to give kids and parents time to rest particularly during the warmer months. With tiny tots at least one parent/carer is required to be on the field with the tiny tot when they are going through their morning.

To be eligible for Tiny Tots, children must have turned 3 before their registration can be accepted.


What are the registration fees for Sutherland Little Athletics for 2022/2023?

Annual Registration Fees for 2022-2023 are $165 per athlete for U6 -U17, and $100 for Tiny Tots.

If you are eligible for the $100 active kids voucher this needs to be applied during the registration process as it cannot be redeemed retrospectively.

How do I register my child for Sutherland Little Athletics?

Registrations open and are available online through our Website

www.sutherlandlac.org.au or www.lansw.com.au 

Please Note – Registrations can only be made Online (No manual registrations are accepted or cash & cheques will not be accepted).

You may register and pay for your child/children’s registration in the following ways:

  1. Online form and payment; paying with your credit card, Paypal or Active Kids Voucher (this is retrieved by registering at service.nsw.gov.au)
  2. If you are using your Active Kids Voucher after entering or confirming your personal details at the bottom of the form there will be a space to insert your Active Kids Voucher number which you would have been given by Service NSW after registering your child/children.

To Register please select –

  • SLA How to register on the new GAMEDAY platform
  • U12’s to U17’s Dual Membership– (When you register in the U12 to U17 age groups, you will automatically receive membership with both Little Athletics NSW and Athletics NSW (Seniors). In order to complete your registration, you will be asked to nominate a preferred senior athletics club, once confirmed please follow the prompts).

What do I do after registering my child online?

Please bring a copy of your receipt to collect your registration number & age patch and if it is your child’s first registration or they have had a season off, you will also need to produce proof of age (birth certificate, passport or blue book).

If I don’t register online with a credit card, can I register manually?

No, only online registrations are accepted.

Can my children trial before we commit to registering?

Yes, 2 trial days are available before registering.

How do I know what age group my child will be in?

If you are not within the age range as detailed on the Age Matrix, you are either too young or too old to register with Sutherland Little Athletics.

Age groups are determined by the age of the child by the 31st December 2021.

What events are offered for each Age Group at Sutherland Little Athletics?

Long JumpLong JumpLong JumpLong JumpLong JumpLong JumpLong JumpLong JumpLong JumpLong Jump
Shot PutShot PutShot PutShot PutShot PutShot PutShot PutShot PutShot PutShot Put
60m Hurdles60m Hurdles60m Hurdles80m Hurdles80m Hurdles80m Hurdles90m/100m Hurdles90m/100m Hurdles
High Jump (Scissors)High Jump (Scissors)High Jump High Jump High Jump High Jump High Jump
Triple JumpTriple JumpTriple JumpTriple JumpTriple Jump
200m Hurdles200m Hurdles300m Hurdles

What shoes does my child wear to Sutherland Little Athletics?

 The following rules apply for Spike shoes –

– U6-U9 age groups are not permitted to wear spike shoes.

– U10-U17 age groups: For track events run in lanes, plus for the following field events: Long Jump, Triple Jump, High Jump & Javelin;

– U12-U17 age groups: As above, plus spikes may also be used in other track events;

Please Note – for the U10 age group, this is a Centre rule only, due to our grass track. Spikes are not allowed for this age group at LANSW Zone, Region and State events.

Spike shoes must be carried in a shoe bag to the start of the competition area.

They are not to be worn at all in the spectator areas.

Are parents required to help out during the morning?

It is a requirement of registration at Sutherland Little Athletics that a parent/carer from each family work on a roster system. All jobs are fairly easy and no experience is necessary. Parents on rostered duty are required to report to the information table (near the canteen) by 7.45am to ensure that all areas have sufficient officials and helpers to commence competition at 8am. Events cannot commence until all areas are staffed. Not helping risks your child not being allowed to compete or receive an award at the end of the season.

The parent roster will be once every 2-3 weeks.

Does the club provide any training?

For the 2022-20232 season there will be no training or skills days however there are a number of local coaches we can recommend.

Does Sutherland Little Athletics have a webpage?

Yes, Sutherland Little A’s webpage is www.sutherlandlac.org.au

Does Sutherland Little Athletics have a facebook page?

Yes, Sutherland Little A’s facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/suthlittleathletics

How do I find out my child’s results?

We use an online results system at www.resultshq.com.au & through our website www.sutherlandlac.org.au

You will need to sign in using an email address and password. Results are uploaded by the following Saturday.

For further information, please contact info@sutherlandlac.org.au