Code of Conduct

Codes of Conduct & Behavioural Guidelines

Sutherland Little Athletics is a community based activity and supports Little Athletics NSW in it beliefs that young people involved in sport have a right to participate in a safe and supportive environment. Over-zealous parents and adults, and ill-tempered, disrespectful athletes, sometimes need to be reminded of appropriate standards of behaviour.

These Behavioural Guidelines aim to give everyone a guide to what is expected of them if they are part of Little Athletics, be it participating, volunteering or standing on the sideline cheering for their child, relative or friend. The guidelines set down what is an acceptable standard of conduct and behaviour and reflect the principles upon which Little Athletics is based.

Acceptance of, and compliance with these guidelines will ensure that Little Athletes will develop good sporting behaviours and be an enjoyable sporting experience, encouraging them to remain involved in sport or otherwise be active throughout their lives.

At all times when involved with SLA or LANSW competition or events, athletes, parents, coaches and volunteers are expected to act with the LANSW Codes of Conduct.

Please take the time to read the attached guidelines and make a personal commitment to always behave in accordance with the principles contained therein.

Codes of Conduct

Behavioural Guidelines