Centre Rules of Competition



  • All events will generally be conducted under the Rules of Competition set by Little Athletics NSW (LANSW), the IAAF Handbook and/or local rules shown below. For further information regarding LANSW rules, please refer to: http://lansw.com.au/Competition/Rules-of-Competition
  • All competitors must be registered members with LANSW.
  • Only competitors, officials, and registered helpers are permitted on to the competition area. On completion of their event, competitors must leave the competition area.
  • All parents, other than officials and registered helpers, are to remain outside the fence surrounding the competition area at all times.
  • All competitors must compete in approved Centre uniform. The Registration number and Age Group number are to be worn in the designated areas.  It is important that the numbers are visible when competing so that the officials and helpers can correctly record the competitors results.  T-shirts can be worn under singlets if desired.  Athletes can be warned and possibly excluded in subsequent weeks if improperly dressed.
  • Shoes, i.e. joggers or runners, must be worn for all events (this is for the athlete’s own safety).
  • Spike shoes are not to be worn in the U6 to U9 age groups.
  • Spike shoes are not compulsory.
  • Spike shoes can be worn as follows:
  • For U10-U17 age groups: For track events run in lanes, plus for the following field events: Long Jump, Triple Jump, High Jump, & Javelin (where applicable);
  • For U13-U17 age groups: As above, plus spikes may also be used in other track events;
  • Note for the U10 age group: this is a Centre Rule only, due to our grass track. Spikes are not allowed for this age group at LANSW Zone, Region and State events.
  • Athletes wearing spikes should roll off high jump bags (which cost over $2,000 each) and not walk on them.
  • Spike shoes are not compulsory.
  •  Spike shoes must be carried in a shoe bag to the marshalling area, directly adjacent to the entrance of the track. They are not be worn at all in the spectator areas.
  • Starting blocks may be used at the discretion of the competitors, in the U10 age groups and above. However, if spikes are worn in laned events, then starting blocks MUST be used.  This is to protect the track from being torn up. At LANSW Events, starting blocks allowed for U11 and older.
  • Each event will only be called twice. No individual will be called for an event.
  • Adjustments to the program may be implemented at the discretion of the Centre Committee.
  • Where insufficient numbers of competitors attend to compete in an event, age groups may be combined at the discretion of the Centre Committee. However, if a Centre Record is being attempted, then that age group may only compete with the same gender and/or younger age groups.  This is to minimise the possibility of assistance occurring.
  • Athletes are expected to remain with their Age Manager for the duration of the event, unless otherwise directed.
  • Field event areas can be dangerous. Children must not touch the equipment unless instructed to do so.  Athletes must shelter behind the protective nets at Discus and not walk through the roped-off Javelin area while the event is being run.
  • Officials and Age Managers will send from the event any athlete who is misbehaving or conducting themselves in any way prejudicial to the performance of others.
  • Any protests or complaints are to be directed to the President in writing/by email.
  • The Centre prides itself on providing an equal opportunity for all athletes in a friendly environment. Please note that the Centre takes a zero tolerance to bullying.
  • The Committee accepts no responsibility for any children left unattended by parents/carers.
  • Sufficient parent helpers must be available for each event, or that event may not be able to proceed.

All competitors are expected to take care of the track and field areas. Please keep the oval free of litter by using the bins provided.


For a result to be entered as a Centre Record:

  1. If an athlete is planning an attempt to break a record in an event, then they or their parent must inform their Age Manager at marshalling prior, so that the necessary qualified officials can be arranged and be present for the record attempt.
  2. As good practice, it is expected that the parents of athletes attempting a Centre records will not be involved in any part of the officiating, measuring, timing, or recording of that event.
  3. Field events: An official must be present and it must be measured by two independent adults;

  4. Track events: An official must be present for the duration of the race. The starter must verify that they were satisfied the start of the race was valid.  For manually recorded times, there must be a minimum of two independent stop watches on 1st place (and if they disagree then the slower of the two times is taken).
  5. The results sheet must be signed off on the day by the qualified official present. Records will be listed on our website, placed in Age Manager’s folder and announced on the following week as well as notified on our Facebook page.

Rules for Centre Championships

1. Centre Championships will be held towards end of season, typically mid-end February;

2. Centre Championships are open to all registered Sutherland LA athletes in the U6 through to U17 Age Groups;

3. Athletes can enter up to a maximum of 4 different events;

4. All Track Events that are run in lanes will be run as Timed Finals. If there are more athletes than available lanes, then two or more timed finals will be held for that age group. These will be seeded, with the slower timed Final running first. Medals will be awarded for First to Third placings to the fastest athletes across all the Timed Finals for that age group;

5. For all Field Events (except High Jump), there will 3 attempts for all athletes. After 3 attempts, there will be 1 additional attempt for the top 8 athletes; If there are 8 athletes or less competing, all athletes will be allowed 4 attempts; If requested, one practice jump or throw will be allowed, prior to the first attempt; In the event of a tie, then equal placings will be awarded (except for High Jump);
For High Jump, any ties for equal placings will then be determined by countbacks. If, after countbacks, any positions are still tied, then equal placings will be awarded.